A woman (Christina Ritchie) woke up after a serious accident to find herself in front of the mysterious world of the dead (Liam Neeson), which is preparing for burial. It looks like that woman will be trapped inside the funeral home incredibly. Things turn out to be a bad path as difficult circumstances and situations force her to face her deep fears and accept her death at that moment.
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WBAI Radio
August 03, 2010 Born again Ricci haunts a mortuary, while perfecting post-mortem freaky in the nude. This may or may not be your cup of embalming fluid, whether intriguing those with unconventional viewing preferences, or seriously creeping you out.
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October 14, 2010 Despite the meandering pace, and lack of fearsome thrills, After.Life is a chilling fairytale that grabs you and takes you on a strangely hypnotic ride.
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Q Network Film Desk
August 12, 2010 makes you think too much about what it's doing, rather than what it's about, thus drawing you away from the deeper philosophical questions of life and death at its core
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July 17, 2010 It dresses up boilerplate horror in a classy shell, yet never gives it the pulse it needs.
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Arizona Republic
April 14, 2010 Best of all is Neeson, who is nicely creepy. Whether he's genuinely gifted or knuckle-chewing insane, he's not the kind of guy you'd want to spend time with, either way.
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Future Movies UK
September 11, 2010 There is too much reliance on one character's word against another which leads the audience back and forth over the truth.
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Chicago Reader
January 03, 2011 Thematic rigor mortis sets in long before the final reel.
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New York Observer
April 14, 2010 It's too dull for grown-ups and too nightmarish for children. It makes Nip/Tuck look like a Mel Brooks musical.
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April 04, 2011 You should just go see it for yourself. Unless you shouldn't.
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