The Hunt For Red October

Creating a new submarine that works without making any sound, the thing that makes Americans fear, as they can not predict with any attack on their lands, especial after Marko Ramuis, the sub captain, who killed their political officer after making their decision to attack, the thing that leads them thinks that he prepares for war.
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Critics Of "The Hunt For Red October"
Angie Errigo Empire Magazine
February 11, 2015 Alas, there are mighty gaffes here that sink a promising idea.
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Roger Hurlburt South Florida Sun-Sentinel
February 11, 2015 Based on Tom Clancy`s phenomenally successful techno-thriller novel, The Hunt for Red October proves that a film can equal, if not surpass, the intrigue and excitement of the story it is based on.
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Dennis King Tulsa World
February 11, 2015 The big question hanging over the much-anticipated film version of novelist Tom Clancy's best-seller The Hunt for Red October is how, in the current world climate,this cold war thriller will stand up to the warm glow of glasnost. The answer is: just fine.
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Sheila Benson Los Angeles Times
February 11, 2015 You may not be limp from accumulated tension when this hunt is over, but its cautiously upbeat global message leaves a satisfying glow and it operates with a crackerjack premise.
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Desmond Ryan Philadelphia Inquirer
February 11, 2015 The Hunt for Red October is overplotted and sometimes implausible, but McTiernan's clipped style and lavish budget help it through the choppier waters.
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Dave Kehr Chicago Tribune
February 11, 2015 Red October is an idealized, dreamy fantasy of life in the business world-harmless as airplane reading, a bit dull on the big screen.
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David Sterritt Christian Science Monitor
February 11, 2015 Like the nuclear submarine it's named after, The Hunt for Red October is big, shiny, and expensive. But it's also hard, cold, and cumbersome, just when it's trying hardest to be likable and even friendly.
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John Hartl Seattle Times
February 11, 2015 An exciting techno-suspense thriller with a hollow center.
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Gene Siskel Chicago Tribune
February 11, 2015 Clancy is known for writing difficult books, but the movie makes plausible a preposterous situation because of Baldwin's convincing, low-key approach to being a film hero.
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Peter Travers Rolling Stone
February 11, 2015 Though Hunt shows fitful signs of life, it lacks the human drama of Das Boot, the technical dazzle of The Abyss and the old-fashioned brio of Run Silent, Run Deep.
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Ralph Novak People Magazine
February 11, 2015 This is first-rate adventure stuff, an all-missions-accomplished submarine movie.
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Gary Thompson Philadelphia Daily News
February 11, 2015 The Hunt for Red October is a happy cinematic event, the first motion picture that allows us to experience the sweaty-palm thrills of the Cold War without worrying that the world will blow up this year.
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