Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom, a walk real enough to be acted?

A film biography is a motion picture on the life of a person. It is a motion that tries to portray the life of a non-fictional person. It is centered on an individual’s significant moments in his life. Such a person may be living or dead. Biographical movies try to tell an individual's life story comprehensively or major historical or important moments of their lives. Biographical movies are also known as biopic movies.

Is biography a genre?

You might be wondering, (I don’t know if you’re one of those who do and ask) is biography a genre? In literature biography falls under prose as a type of non-fiction but in motion picture, I’ll just give you the bottom line; biographical movies are categorized as a sub-genre of drama and epic films. But here’s the kicker movie biography cut across many genres.

After everything, want to know the best part? You can instantly download some of the best rated motion picture on biography here. Follow the life and making of some of the greatest personalities such as Malcolm X In Malcolm X, George Vi In the Kings Speech, Mark Zuckerberg In The Social Network, Hitler’s In The Downfall, Martin Luther King Jr In Selma, Queen Elizabeth Ii In The Queen Etc.

Why watch biographical movies:

  • Biographical movies give you access and opportunity to learn about the secrets, strengths and failings of such individuals and harness it for your growth and tenure.
  • It helps to shape your perspectives and opinion about such individuals and incidents.
  • It broadens your knowledge of historical events and individuals.

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