You have got to agree with us that everyone needs and in fact loves to have a real good laugh every now and then. Common you got to laugh away some pain. When life weights you down and you find yourself stuck in some kind of unending stress cycle, then laughter is what you need. Laughter is considered not just as a medicine but the best medicine. In fact, scientific studies have revealed that laughter is a legitimate and a very powerful form of preventive medicine

Importance of laughter:

  • Laughter reduces stress hormones.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • It increases the flexibility of your muscles.
  • Boosts antibody circulation in the body.
  • Aside from the above laughter elevates moods and counters depression and anxiety, improves communication, cooperation and empathy.

Comedy brings out the very best of smiles and evokes a feeling of relaxation.

How about a comedy movie?

Comedy movies use all kinds of situations to create humor in way which at best represent a satirical view of them. Comedies have been made out of serious issues like religion, racism, same sex rights, freedom of speech etc to reduce the tension individuals and society feels, whether in animations, cartoon or use of actual human. In fact a Nigerian saying advices thus: laugh away all your social and economic problems!

Now where do you get this laughter? Well if you ask me, I can point you to one sure source. But wait, where else can you get quality laughter on a constant basis other than in a comedy movie?

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You can take a look at some of our comedy genre.

Blockers, Super Troopers 2, Sorry To Bother You, Book Club, Blockers, Isle Of Dogs, I Feel Pretty, Pitch Perfect 3, The Game Night, The Death Of Stalin, Daddy’s Home 2, Show Dogs.

There lots more waiting for you.

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