Charlie Countryman

After the death of his mother, Charlie dreams about her telling him to lead a journey across the Atlantic to Bucharest. A fellow passenger, Gabi a beautiful musician caught his eye and took Charlie’s heart.However, little did he know that a barbaric gangster was in love with Gabi and intended of never letting her go. To save the love of his life Charlie is caught up in phantasm, impregnated with romance and ferocity a Romanian underworld.
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Critics Of "Charlie Countryman"
Daily Express (UK)
October 31, 2014 An eccentric, energetic muddle of a film that is badly overcooked by commercials director Fredrik Bond.
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November 19, 2014 A wildly unauthentic offering, that manages to take such raw, human emotions, and produce a picture that revels, frustratingly, in frivolity and irreverence.
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Independent (UK)
October 31, 2014 This is a weird and self-indulgent affair that is easy to mock but that, just occasionally, captures the romantic feel of the equally pretentious but magical Leos Carax films of the late 1980s.
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Chicago Sun-Times
November 15, 2013 Ah, Bucharest. That exotic, Eastern European hotbed of romance, intrigue and hefty film-production tax breaks.
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Detroit News
November 15, 2013 Even though you learn that Charlie is absolute aces at running from bad guys, the character pretty much remains a confusing, empty vessel. As does the movie.
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New York Times
November 15, 2013 This catastrophe of a movie zigzags drunkenly between action-adventure and surreal comedy with some magical realism slopped over it like ketchup.
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Observer (UK)
November 03, 2014 As for Shia, he's wildly self-indulgent and narcissistic: all puppy eyes, emoting and angsting like there's no tomorrow. He just doesn't know when eneouf is eneouf.
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New York Magazine/Vulture
November 15, 2013 However you cut it, with all that talent, Charlie Countryman feels like a sad, wasted opportunity.
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New Yorker
November 25, 2013 LaBeouf, who throws himself whole-heartedly into every role regardless of its worth, is a fearless and fascinating actor, and his sincerity holds the entire sleazy mess together.
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November 15, 2013 It's a thoroughly queasy pastiche of magic-realism/coming-of-age/romantic-thriller/bloody-Chiclets nonsense (and when I say "nonsense" I am substituting a much stronger word).
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Times (UK)
October 31, 2014 The weird filmography of Shia LaBeouf, from Fury to Nymphomaniac via Transformers, continues with an ecstasy-fuelled excursion to eastern Europe in the bizarre The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.
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Indie London
August 26, 2015 Ultimately, Charlie Countryman bites off more than it can chew and winds up feeling more absurd than memorable.
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