Reach Me

A motivational book written by a mysterious man quickly gains popularity, inspiring a group of people that includes a journalist, his editor, a former inmate, a hip-hop mogul, an actor and an undercover cop to re-evaluate their choices and decisions by confronting their fears in hopes of creating more positive lives.
Duration: 95 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2014
IMDb: 4.9
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Critics Of "Reach Me"
Common Sense Media
November 21, 2014 A toneless mess that's more chaotic than soul-searching, more irritating than meditative.
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December 31, 2014 The jokes aren't funny and the earnest stabs at emotional sincerity ring false in this ensemble melodrama.
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Film School Rejects
November 24, 2014 Reach Me takes a long list of cliches -- some more offensive than others -- and mixes them all together with a fancy cast to make a boring, pretentious film. Reach for an actual book instead.
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Hollywood Reporter
November 24, 2014 Nothing in the proceedings is remotely convincing, let alone entertaining.
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New York Times
November 20, 2014 Casting Sylvester Stallone as a gossip-site publisher obviously modeled on Matt Drudge is one of many counterintuitive ideas that backfire in "Reach Me."
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Los Angeles Times
November 20, 2014 A kitchen-sink mess with no discernible narrative drive or thematic resonance beyond uninspired batches of bad behavior, gunplay, eccentricity and weak uplift.
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November 28, 2014 Herzfeld is determined to make these puzzle pieces fit, yet there isn't much to solve with Reach Me, which gradually limps to a cop-out close.
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November 21, 2014 Once you've sunk into the entirely warped groove of "Reach Me" you're almost eager to experience the next offense against aesthetics and/or common sense it is poised to commit.
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Detroit News
November 21, 2014 'Reach Me' is the sort of movie where careers go to die.
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IGN Movies
November 24, 2014 Reach Me feels lazy, in desperate need of its own motivational speech.
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Epoch Times
June 13, 2016 It's 'Pulp Fiction' lite with blaxploitation aspects. Regardless, a movie about beating addictions, getting more out of life, and being a better person, is a good thing.
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