The Crucible

It is an exciting story about the young woman who is fascinated by a married man and insists on getting rid of his innocent wife through the magic she has done. The girl tried to get rid of the wife of her ex-boyfriend John in an exciting way, but when her lover's wife learned that she decided to fight a new battle to save her blood and her husband from this dreaded magic that might destroy the family.
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Baltimore Sun
May 17, 2013 The physical production of the film is so authentic and compelling, you can't get beyond it, not for a second.
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Total Film
May 17, 2013 A McCarthy-era retelling of the Salem witch trials, Arthur Miller's 1953 play is a literary classic, but this adap falls short.
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Christian Science Monitor
May 17, 2013 The story is unchanged, but its theme relates surprisingly well to today's versions of the bias and scapegoating that Miller rightly deplores.
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May 17, 2013 I recommend Hytner's movie highly, but a part of me resists a work that makes the audience feel as noble in our moral certainty as the characters it invites us to deplore. Some part of its power seems borrowed from the thing it hates.
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Philadelphia Inquirer
May 17, 2013 I very much admire how Hytner... keeps the pace swift and doesn't fetishize the 17th-century decors and clothes. But I can't help feeling that in more ways than one, The Crucible is a period piece.
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AV Club
May 17, 2013 Arthur Miller's screenplay keeps everything nice and faithful to the period, and the actors have the dirt on their hands to prove it. The movie lacks polish as well, and that's to everyone's benefit.
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TV Guide
May 17, 2013 The story's sickening spiral into madness is preserved.
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TIME Magazine
May 17, 2013 Her cheeks flush, her winsome beauty seared with erotic rage, Ryder exposes the real roots of the piece. Forget McCarthyism; The Crucible is a colonial Fatal Attraction.
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Wall Street Journal
May 17, 2013 Then there's always Mr. Scofield, bringing an almost unbearable, yet entirely believable, lightness of spirit to his loathsome character. It's a bold stroke by a great actor, making zealotry and evil seem positively beneficent.
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Seattle Times
May 17, 2013 Too bad, though, that The Crucible fails to probe deeper into the sexual, religious, and political conditions that can give false accusations so much power -- even today.
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May 17, 2013 An intelligent and gripping epic.
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Common Sense Media
January 26, 2016 Plodding film based on play has mature themes, sex, violence
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