The Two Faces Of January

The film begins with powerful events through Chester McFarland and his wife Colette, a glamorous American couple. The couple decided to go to Athens for sightseeing and meet Rydal, a young Greek-speaking American. In that period, Rydal is pressed to help Chester hide the detective's body, which will complicate things completely for everyone.
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Critics Of "The Two Faces Of January"
December 09, 2014 Despite admirable moment-to-moment feats of actorly legerdemain from the primary and secondary cast alike, there's a deadly lack of heat. The costumes sing, the cigarettes fume. The simmer satisfies but never earns the tale's godless gloom.
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Movie Chambers
January 13, 2015 A handsome thriller with plot twists that don't always make sense, "The Two Faces of January," moves slowly, but ultimately entertains.
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December 11, 2014 Rather than rise, this story cools off, fading away into unconvincing, accidental tragedy and an attempted emotional coda that feels more stapled on than woven in.
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Arizona Republic
October 16, 2014 At a certain point, it's akin to reading a mediocre murder mystery. You finish it because you're too far in to quit, as opposed to actually caring how things wrap up.
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Boston Globe
October 09, 2014 The movie never reaches a boil. Instead, it simmers and simmers until you're suddenly shocked at the hot water you're in.
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Antagony & Ecstasy
January 04, 2015 A perfectly ordinary, unexceptionally satisfactory film... does a fine job with the mechanics of the plot, but it whiffs a bit on the characters.
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October 10, 2014 What the movie lacks in suspense, it could make up for with erotic tension. That's missing, too.
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Chicago Reader
December 11, 2014 [Hossein Amini's] polished storytelling carries this along, generally compensating for the mundane visuals and the actors' skilled but unmoored performances.
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Philadelphia Inquirer
October 10, 2014 Everything about The Two Faces of January is right, even as the events it describes - a couple's idyllic Grecian holiday, a charming American's adventures abroad - go terribly wrong.
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Laramie Movie Scope
January 01, 2015 This is a well-written and well-acted movie. The relationships in the triangle at the center of the film are not easily made convincing, but excellent acting makes it work. This is a very solid thriller with a lot of compelling emotional complexity.
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New Zealand Herald
June 13, 2016 It's a classy looking movie for sure, and as pleasant a travelogue as Ripley was in its day. But Highsmith's psychological edge is absent for much of this and its shade of noir has suffered a serious bleaching in all that Mediterranean sun.
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