We Are Marshall

In a horrific incident occurred in November 1970,almost the whole football team and coaches from Marshall University died in a plane crash. After the time, Nate Ruffin - a player who was sick and absent from that deadly journey - met with the students to persuade the board of governors to play in the 1971 season. At that moment, the head of the college, Don Dedeman, must find a coach to assemble a new team. They petitioned the National League for Student Safety to allow new players to play and coach Jack Lengiel began leading young players to win again.
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Reel Film Reviews
November 20, 2007 ...would've benefited from the presence of virtually any other actor in the central role...
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Movie Metropolis
September 08, 2007 Despite its best intentions, there is much in We Are Marshall that holds it back from being the best it can be.
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San Francisco Chronicle
December 22, 2006 We Are Marshall is a bit of a shame, because the subject matter could have been something special in the hands of stronger filmmakers.
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Seattle Times
December 22, 2006 A series of montage and anecdotal vignettes follows as they recruit a whole new team, learn lessons from the catastrophe, lose and then win, with plenty of sentimentality sprinkled over the whole thing.
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Aisle Seat
September 28, 2007 We Are Marshall is not a bad movie; it is a potentially nice, familiar movie unfortunately marred by the unspeakably awful performance of Matthew McConaughey.
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USA Today
December 22, 2006 This was undeniably a horrific event for the victims' families friends, colleagues as well as for the entire community. But the movie seems to almost exploit this tragedy so it can make audiences weep, and ultimately, cheer.
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Toronto Star
December 22, 2006 What's missing is any kind of insight into the lives of the dead players or the members of the Young Thundering Herd who rise up to replace them.
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February 28, 2008 McConaughey campily channels Jon Stewart channeling George W. Bush for his impersonation of Lengyel.
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