American Horror Story - Season 7, Episode 05: Holes

Different characters and locations are shown in this anthology of series, including a house with a murderous past, a witch coven, a hotel, an asylum, a freak show, a cult and a farmhouse in Roanoke
Duration: 48 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2017
IMDb: 8.1
  • American Horror Story S07E11
    Available from: 14-11-2017
  • American Horror Story S07E10
    Available from: 07-11-2017
  • American Horror Story S07E09
    Available from: 31-10-2017
  • American Horror Story S07E08
    Available from: 24-10-2017
  • American Horror Story S07E07
    Available from: 17-10-2017
  • American Horror Story S07E06
    Available from: 10-10-2017
  • American Horror Story S07E05
    Available from: 03-10-2017
  • American Horror Story S07E04
    Available from: 26-09-2017
  • American Horror Story S07E03
    Available from: 19-09-2017
  • American Horror Story S07E02
    Available from: 12-09-2017
  • American Horror Story S07E01
    Available from: 05-09-2017
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Critics Of "American Horror Story - Season 7"
TV Guide
October 04, 2017 Though we still have more to learn about Kai, this major revelation certainly explains his tolerance for brutality as well as his thirst for chaos. However, it doesn't make him any less terrifying.
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IGN Movies
October 04, 2017 Cult found solid footing with "Holes" and its angle focusing on the villains' side of the mass hoax, but it's best we don't linger here too long.
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Slant Magazine
October 03, 2017 It's understandable if, by the end of this episode, viewers are left wanting for all the holes to be filled in.
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Entertainment Weekly
October 04, 2017 American Horror Story digs in a little to the phenomenon of trypophobia, a.k.a. the fear of clustered holes or bumps, while also connecting some very important dots.
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October 04, 2017 There were a couple of times I had to get up and walk away from my laptop as it became too much to even handle. But on the plus side, the episode did feature some pretty big reveals.
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E! Online
October 04, 2017 ... we were still exuberant over this new revelation.
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Syfy Wire
August 22, 2018 We finally get some insight on the cult, and more importantly, on Kai.
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TV Equals
October 05, 2017 The good definitely outweighs the bad, overall.
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Den of Geek
October 04, 2017 American Horror Story has a formula that runs arc-wide. We've learned who the conspirators are and now we will get to see the conspiracy.
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October 04, 2017 In the most recent episode, we finally get some backstory on Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) and it all makes sense now.
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