American Horror Story - Season 8, Episode 02: The Morning After

New season of the horrifying and exciting series American Horror Story which presents a new story in each season and it has made such a great success over the past seven seasons. In the new season, the eighth, we follow an exciting story about a group of people who managed to spare their lives after the Apocalypse, but they enter a new struggle to keep themselves in safe.
Duration: 60 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2018
IMDb: 8.1
Genre: Drama Thriller Horror
Country: United States
  • American Horror Story S08E10
    Available from: 14-11-2018
  • American Horror Story S08E09
    Available from: 07-11-2018
  • American Horror Story S08E08
    Available from: 31-10-2018
  • American Horror Story S08E07
    Available from: 24-10-2018
  • American Horror Story S08E06
    Available from: 17-10-2018
  • American Horror Story S08E05
    Available from: 10-10-2018
  • American Horror Story S08E04
    Available from: 03-10-2018
  • American Horror Story S08E03
    Available from: 26-09-2018
  • American Horror Story S08E02
    Available from: 19-09-2018
  • American Horror Story S08E01
    Available from: 12-09-2018
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Critics Of "American Horror Story - Season 8"
New York Magazine/Vulture
September 20, 2018 I love that Evie is cool with eating snake because she did it with some rich people once. That logic tracks: If I ever ate crap with the Queen, poop should become a delicacy and you plebeians would just have to accept that.
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TV Fanatic
September 20, 2018 Overambition can be our own worst nightmare, a lesson that American Horror Story displays and might need a lesson in.
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September 20, 2018 These violent delights definitely have violent ends on "American Horror Story."
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AV Club
September 20, 2018 Sure they could scan the snakes for radiation, but without a herpetologist on hand or the power of Google, how could they tell if the snakes in their snake soup were poisonous?
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Entertainment Weekly
September 20, 2018 A horrifying final shot that leaves you screaming "WHAAAAT?" at the television as the end credits begin to roll? It's all par for the course on American Horror Story as we return to the end of the world as we know it.
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September 20, 2018 "The Morning After" arrived to put the horror back into AHS.
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IGN Movies
September 20, 2018 At some point, Apocalypse will start layering in answers, and whether they're totally ingenious or just bats*** buffoonery we'll probably start thinking the season's clicking because various puzzle pieces are falling into place.
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TV Line
September 20, 2018 Just like his hair, Langdon's actions are layered.
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Hollywood Reporter
September 20, 2018 The second episode effectively raises even more questions about how the season will connect with its past cycles, likely by design.
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