Sex Education - Season 1

This series begins with a wide range of sex-related comedy events, where Insecure Otis seems to have all the answers to all the questions asked about gender advice. Perhaps the rebellious decides to establish a leading and educational school for sex education in the school, where there seems to be many wonderful comics that are presented as events within that school.
Duration: 45 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2019
IMDb: 8.3
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  • Sex Education S01E01
    Available from: 11-01-2019
  • Sex Education S01E02
    Available from: 11-01-2019
  • Sex Education S01E03
    Available from: 11-01-2019
  • Sex Education S01E04
    Available from: 11-01-2019
  • Sex Education S01E05
    Available from: 11-01-2019
  • Sex Education S01E06
    Available from: 11-01-2019
  • Sex Education S01E07
    Available from: 11-01-2019
  • Sex Education S01E08
    Available from: 11-01-2019
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Characters Of "Sex Education - Season 1"
Critics Of "Sex Education - Season 1"
NOW Toronto
January 11, 2019 You'll be surprised how rich Sex Education can be, if you give it a chance.
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The Atlantic
January 09, 2019 Here is a series that pulls off a curious trick: It's a woke raunch comedy, replete with graphic and humiliating sexual experiences, yet bent on using them in a very sincere way.
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Hindustan Times
January 13, 2019 Netflix pops 2019's cherry with its best show in months.
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The Daily Dot
January 14, 2019 It doesn't matter what year Sex Education takes place in; it could take place in any decade and speak to that generation's youth.
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January 11, 2019 But what sets Sex Education apart from other shows that concern themselves with adolescence, sex, and love is its tenderness.
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Financial Times
January 08, 2019 On occasion this is snort-out-loud funny. Swirling around in the emissions are some very deep concerns; these bouncing young actors, for the most part unknowns, leap in with an appealing abandon.
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Daily Telegraph (UK)
January 11, 2019 Twenty-first-century teenagers are going to find real comfort and companionship in these characters, while those of us old enough to have seen those John Hughes movies at the cinema will wish Sex Education had been there for us.
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January 07, 2019 As Sex Education becomes more confident and aware of what it is and what it wants, it starts to feel great. It feels healthy and funny and sexy and complicated and sad. And perhaps most importantly, it feels like a story well-told.
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January 11, 2019 Exemplary writing, engaging performances, and an absolute banger of a soundtrack combine to make Sex Education an instant classic.
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Daily Mirror (UK)
January 12, 2019 With a talented ensemble and explicit tackling of sexuality in young people (and their parents), Netflix's Sex Education is a hilariously honest and refreshingly diverse comedy.
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